188 Orlebar Point

At the end of July I went back to Gabriola Island for some snorkelling but this time I went to Orlebar Point, also known as Berry Point. This site, at the northern tip of the island, lived up to my expectations. The video includes a shore panorama, a surface panorama, sea stars, sponges, sea cucumbers,… Continue reading 188 Orlebar Point

187 Moses Point

Back in July I had a nice sunny morning of snorkelling at Moses Point in North Saanich, BC. It was quite a contrast to my latest visit to that site. Current was negligible and the tide height was only 0.8 metres. The vertical visibility was about 4 metres and the water temperature was 15 C… Continue reading 187 Moses Point

186 Braemar

As mentioned in the previous post, there are at least four public beach access points along Ardmore Drive in North Saanich, BC. The one that Google Maps now labels as Braemar Beach Access #80, at the west end of Braemar Avenue, might be the most popular one for cold-water swimming. Locally, it seems to be… Continue reading 186 Braemar

185 Ardmore

Ardmore is the name of a neighbourhood in North Saanich, most widely known for Coles Bay Regional Park and the Ardmore Golf Course. Ardmore Drive, on the west side of the neighbourhood, has at least four public beach access points. One of these, which Google Maps now labels as Yarrow Beach Access #83, is the… Continue reading 185 Ardmore

184 Peter Cove

The day after my snorkelling session at Kingscote Beach on Vancouver Island, I went snorkelling at Peter Cove on North Pender Island. More specifically, I used the beach access on the north side of the cove at the end of Trincoma Place. That was in contrast to my previous visit a month earlier when I… Continue reading 184 Peter Cove