194 Moses Point

Yesterday morning five of us went snorkelling at Moses Point in North Saanich, seeking shelter from the forecast southeast wind and a time of minimal current in Satellite Channel. Everything went smoothly with very calm water and only the tiniest hint of current. The vertical visibility varied from 5 to 7 metres and the water… Continue reading 194 Moses Point

193 Ardmore

In an earlier blog post I listed alternate names for this snorkelling site in North Saanich, BC. Yesterday afternoon I went there with five other people. After entering the water we swam southward (to the left) to Dyer Rocks. The the sky was overcast, the underwater visibility was only about 3 metres and the tide… Continue reading 193 Ardmore

188 Orlebar Point

At the end of July I went back to Gabriola Island for some snorkelling but this time I went to Orlebar Point, also known as Berry Point. This site, at the northern tip of the island, lived up to my expectations. The video includes a shore panorama, a surface panorama, sea stars, sponges, sea cucumbers,… Continue reading 188 Orlebar Point

187 Moses Point

Back in July I had a nice sunny morning of snorkelling at Moses Point in North Saanich, BC. It was quite a contrast to my latest visit to that site. Current was negligible and the tide height was only 0.8 metres. The vertical visibility was about 4 metres and the water temperature was 15 C… Continue reading 187 Moses Point