My name is Brian Chapel. I live near the south end of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

I took my first scuba diving course in 1982. By 1996 I had accumulated 13 PADI certifications. After that, life changed and I drifted away from diving but, even after selling most of my equipment, I still felt the call of the sea.

Years later, during a casual conversation with an employee of Frank Whites Dive Dive Store in Victoria, I learned about freediving. One thing led to another and in 2020 I got a PFI certification from Bottom Dwellers Freediving.

While I enjoy freediving when I get a chance to do it with other people, I spend much more time snorkelling. I am grateful for those years of scuba diving, I am getting much more enjoyment from the freedom and simplicity of being in the ocean with much less equipment.