202 Buoyancy Checks at Ogden Point

A few weeks ago I went snorkelling with a couple of friends at the Ogden Point Breakwater in Victoria, BC. We were there to practice some skills, including making sure that our weight belts had enough lead on them for diving below the surface but not too so much as to require effort to stay at the surface where we could breath comfortably.

Surface Buoyancy Check at Ogden Point

In the above video, one of my buddies is keeping her arms and legs steady while holding her breath with a:

  • 00:00-00:07 maximum inhalation
  • 00:08-00:12 normal inhalation
  • 00:13-00:17 normal exhalation
  • 00:18-00:25 maximum exhalation

After that, we all went through other safety exercises like rescuing each other from simulated shallow water blackouts.

Next time we might actually look at some marine life.

By Brian

Owner and administrator of this website Resident of North Saanich on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

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