200 Kitty Islet

I might have recently come as close as I ever will to discovering sunken treasure.

One of the most photogenic spots in the District of Oak Bay, especially on a sunny day, is Kitty Islet. It is not very popular for snorkelling because the current there can be strong and can change direction quickly. Street parking is also quite limited and it is prudent to check the latest water quality measurements before entering the water.

Snorkelling at Kitty Islet

This video starts with a 90 second tour of the site from above water. After that, it shows my dive buddy propping up a peculiar object. Shortly after entering the water I spotted something on the bottom, only about 3 meters below me, that looked like an urchin shell except for being highly reflective.

I was able to bring the object up to the surface for a closer look. It appeared to be a small slab of concrete with two tea cups partly embedded in it. Neither of us could be sure what it was supposed to be. My best guess is that it was a craft project intended for someone’s garden. How it got there is a matter of even greater speculation.

Since the thing already had marine life growing on it, I returned it as closely as possible to where I found it.

By Brian

Owner and administrator of this website Resident of North Saanich on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

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