198 Ogden Point Breakwater

A few days ago I went snorkelling at the Ogden Point Breakwater in Victoria, BC with one of my cold-water swimming friends.

Snorkelling at Ogden Point

We entered off the blocks about half way along the outside of the first segment of the structure. Most of the above video is a panorama from that spot. From there, we worked our way along the blocks and turned around about half way between the first bend and the stairs that are in the middle of the second leg.

The water temperature was 8 C and the underwater visibility was 5-6 metres. Among other things, we saw some large white plumose anemones in one of the wider gaps between the rocks. There were also many urchins but only the green ones. The one lingcod we encountered was very docile.

By Brian

Owner and administrator of this website Resident of North Saanich on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

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