196 Snorkelling at Saxe Point Park

On Saturday I finally got to try out my new Leaderfin Ice fibreglass blades from East 2 West Freediving. Fred Therock, one of the owners, had no trouble installing them in my JBL fins to replace their original polymer blades. With the old ones I got about 0.8 m of descent per kick cycle but, based on only about five trials, the new ones were giving me about 1.2 m per cycle so I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Snorkelling at Saxe Point Park

The above video shows the highlights of what we saw. It starts with a panorama from just off Dog Beach on the west side of Saxe Point Park in Esquimalt, BC. From there we worked our way around to the left. The water temperature was still a reasonable 9 C but we had to exit at the Inspiration Cove beach on the east side of the park after about 80 minutes because I was getting cold. The part with the jellyfish begins at about 1 minute into the video.

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