195 Ogden Point Breakwater

After three sessions on cloudy days, I finally got some bright early-afternoon sunlight while snorkelling with a couple of friends at the Ogden Point Breakwater yesterday. There was enough of a north wind to make getting changed by the picnic tables feel a bit cool but the sheltered water on the south side of the structure had only minor waves during the 2 hours we spent there. I did not notice any current along the outer side but there was an eastward flow on the inside of the outer leg during the brief time we spent in that area. The surface was also just rough enough there to make photography more challenging. The current was strongest at the end so we just swam to get around it, rather than spend time looking at anything. The water temperature was 10 C and the vertical visibility was about 7 m.

Snorkelling at the Ogden Point Breakwater

Please note that the video shows one of us wearing only a swimsuit. Full wetsuits are standard attire for snorkelling in the Salish Sea. My friend is an experienced cold-water swimmer and was only in the water for long enough to try out her new fins from East 2 West Freediving. Please do not get the idea that snorkelling here is to be treated as casually as snorkelling in the tropics.

By Brian

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