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As mentioned in the previous post, there are at least four public beach access points along Ardmore Drive in North Saanich, BC. The one that Google Maps now labels as Braemar Beach Access #80, at the west end of Braemar Avenue, might be the most popular one for cold-water swimming. Locally, it seems to be more commonly referred to as Sunset Beach but there are far too many places on the coast of BC with that name for it to be of much use outside of their own neighbourhoods.

On a sunny day in July I went snorkelling at Braemar, just to see how it compared to the Yarrow Beach Access #83 site near the south end of Ardmore Drive. This video shows most of what I saw.

Snorkelling at Braemar in North Saanich, BC

Compared to most of the places I have been, it was underwhelming but those with different expectations might draw different conclusions. With the Ardmore site so close by, I do not expect to be back at Braemar for snorkelling, although it does have better parking on the shoulder of the road and the walk to the shore is very short.

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