184 Peter Cove

The day after my snorkelling session at Kingscote Beach on Vancouver Island, I went snorkelling at Peter Cove on North Pender Island. More specifically, I used the beach access on the north side of the cove at the end of Trincoma Place. That was in contrast to my previous visit a month earlier when I used the beach access in the southwest corner of the cove near the end of Plumper Way.

The water temperature was 11 C and the best vertical visibility I found in some spots was about 5 metres.

Peter Cove – North Side – Shore Panorama

This first video is a shore panorama.

Peter Cove – North Side – Surface Panorama

This second video is a surface panorama take a fair distance from shore.

Peter Cove – Intertidal View

This third video show a very small amount of the life I saw in the intertidal zone. It is very short because I did not have a chance to do an overnight charge of my camera. Getting any underwater views was difficult because of the thick saragassum seaweed at the best spots. It cannot be pushed aside as easily as most other kelp.

The site is small enough that the entire shore and the islets within the cove can all be explored within a single session by anyone it a suitable full wetsuit, especially on a warm summer day, so either beach access will serve the purpose.

By Brian

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