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Yesterday, my plan was to go snorkelling among the islets of the Ten Mile Point Ecological Reserve during a brief period when the current should have been weak and changing direction. As has usually been the case when I have tried this in the past, the wind turned out to be stronger than what I had expected from studying my usual sources so I switched to my backup plan of snorkelling at Tudor Cove.

Tudor Cove as Seen from Shore

The above video shows the site from the shore. I have never actually seen Tudor Cove used as a place name on a map or nautical chart. It’s just the name I use for the small body of water beside the beach access at the sharp bend in Tudor Avenue in Saanich, BC.

Tudor Cove as Seen while Snorkelling

This second video is a panorama of the cove taken from as far out as I had to swim to find water 5 m deep at a time when the Oak Bay tide height was 2.4 m.

This one shows some of what I saw slightly below the surface. The surface visibility was about 5 m. The spring phytoplankton bloom has not yet begun and I did not see a single jellyfish but it is clear that the seasonal kelp has started to grow back.

There is usually not much to see below the surface here so I would not include it in any list of underwater sightseeing destinations but it is one of my favourite places to take shelter from the wind on a sunny day.

By Brian

Owner and administrator of this website Resident of North Saanich on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

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