173 Snorkelling at Moses Point

Moses Point is one of my favourite snorkelling sites because it is the closest good one to my home in North Saanich, BC.

The last time I was there I encountered a current that required considerable effort to swim against, even though it should have been less than 1/4 knot. Yesterday I timed my visit so that I would be in the water when the PNW Current Atlas app predicted zero current. That was indeed what I encountered so from now on I will look more carefully for days when slack current occurs at a convenient time.

Calm Conditions for Snorkelling at Moses Point

The sun never did come out but, as the first video shows, the wind was very light so there was almost no wave action.

First Swim Along the Bottom
Second Swim Along the Bottom

One thing I like about this site is the broken shell bottom type in the shallow areas. On sunny days it is possible to suspend disbelief and imagine that you are in the tropics, especially when the water has above-average clarity. Unfortunately the visibility was only about 4 m this time.

Sea Stars Seen While Snorkelling at Moses Point
Gaper Clam at Moses Point

In the category of “the one that got away” I saw a very large yellow nudibranch but that video was much too blurry to be of any value so I had to settle for some sea stars and a gaper clam.

The water temperature was 7 C which is just on the edge of warm enough for me to adapt quickly to the initial “burn” of cold water against the exposed part of my face. I did not notice it at all last weekend in 8 C water.

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