170 Henderson Point

Sea Stars and Anemone at Henderson Point

On Thursday I went snorkelling for the first time in a few weeks. My time was limited so I went to Henderson Point because it was on the way to where I had do go next. Unusually, mine was the only vehicle in the small parking area. Environment Canada said the wind was 12 km/hr from the south-southeast. Sea surface was only slightly wavy and the rain had stopped so I did not have to get changed in the rain.

The water temperature was 7 C and the vertical visibility was about 10 m. Typically for daylight hours at this time of year, the tide height was about 3.1 m so shallow dives were required to reach the sub-tidal life.

The visual highlights were the ochre stars and the plumose anemone shown in the video.

By Brian

Owner and administrator of this website Resident of North Saanich on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

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