169 Hooded Nudibranch at Ogden Point

Hooded Nudibranch and Other Marine Invertebrates

Last week I went back to the Ogden Point Breakwater for another snorkelling session, with the faint hope of seeing the same octopus that I mentioned in my previous post. After 10 minutes of looking for it in the crevices near where I had seen it before, I gave up and just worked my way back to where I had entered the water.

On the way, I found the hooded nudibranch that takes up most of this short video. It is attached to a blade of eelgrass, which is where I usually find them. The image fades in and out of focus because of the small waves moving me up and down so pausing the video at the best parts is the best way to see the most detail. The end of the video shows several small anemones in a gap between two of the stone blocks.

The water temperature was 9 C.

By Brian

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