This website currently has no known direction. Back when I was self-employed in private education I needed it for business. Those days are gone but I have not quite been willing to give up the domain name included with the hosting package or the domain I had aliased to it, just in case I ever need them again. Similarly, I do not want to completely forget how to maintain a website so this one gives me a way to stay in practice.

These days, much of my time goes into snorkelling in the cold ocean waters near the south end of Vancouver Island. Many of the people I am routinely in contact with are also interested in snorkelling around here, as well as freediving and spearfishing, so at least a few people might read what I write here.

For now, at least, this will be a place to share the notes I would normally just be writing for myself. Hence, the part that gets updated most often will likely be the blog. Any videos I post there will be from my Snorkelling the Salish Sea YouTube channel.

The URL for this website was crafted to avoid appending an ing to the word snorkel so that I would not have to decide between Canadian (snorkelling) and American (snorkeling) spelling but I will use the Canadian spelling in the text in order to be consistent with its .ca canonical TLD even though .com also works.

The WordPress theme I am using is old and I still like it for its simplicity but I will take a look at some newer ones just to avoid too much of a retro look. At least the header image is now one that represents the Salish Sea.

I expect most of the blog posts to begin with a number like 161. Those are sequence numbers from when I began counting my snorkelling and freediving sessions in June of 2020. I also use them in the names of the Navionics tracks that I add as layers to a Google map. Those are not public yet because I only recently discovered how to include more of them on the same map.